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The name of this guide service, First Person Tours, started with the family history that Edward Drinker was the first person of English parentage born in Philadelphia.  The name also connects to the grammatical perspective of personal pronouns; "first person, second person and third person" with "first person" usually preferable to the other two.  Extending the connection further is the belief that, in this remote and digital age, there is high value to be placed on "my own" experience and on "person to person" relationships.

Perhaps, the best ways to learn history is through experiencing it in the first person.  It is valuable to read, or view, presentations about the First and Second Continental Congress' meetings in Carpenter's Hall and Independence Hall in Philadelphia, but being in those sacred spaces - walking where these real people walked and talked - is the way to real understanding.  Philadelphia is where history was made and it is the best place in which to learn that history.

In the same way, studying history in the first person relies on the primary sources of diaries, letters, paintings and maps that were created at the time.  A reliance on these sources assures that our understanding is genuine and true, not tainted by someone else's interpretation.  For this reason, First Person Tours springs from these original sources as much as possible.

The First Person Tours logo recalls a design that a fellow traveler embroidered on one of my few shirts when I hitchhiked for many months as a young man through Europe, Greece and Israel.  Now, I see the image as an amalgam of a rising sun, especially important to Benjamin Franklin, and a flower, representing the importance of gardens to enlightened residents throughout history.